Intermediate grammar exercise: questions tags

English grammar practice exercise for intermediate level.

In this exercise you will practise question tags.

What are question tags?

A question tag is a short question that we add to the end of a statement when we want clarification that what we are saying is correct. Adding a question tag is like asking ‘Am I right?’ or ‘Do you agree?’

Examples of tag questions:

It’s very nice weather today, isn’t it?
(isn’t it? = question tag)

It isn’t very nice weather today, is it?
(is it? = question tag)

She can speak English, can’t she?
(can’t she? = question tag)

She can’t speak English, can she?
(can she? = question tag)

Exercise instructions

Add a suitable question tag to the following sentences. In each case the speaker wants clarification that what he is saying is correct.

Example: You saw him yesterday, ?

questions go herescore goes here

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    I like the exersice

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