Vocabulary: 10 plural nouns

Plural nouns are nouns which are always plural and have no singular form. They are often things which have two parts joined together, e.g. trousers (trousers have two legs), or scissors.

Some plural nouns refer to a group (of people or things). An example of this is police.

Plural nouns always take a plural form of the verb, so we say:

  • My trousers are wet.
  • The goods were stolen.
  • The police are here.

Sometimes we use some with a plural noun. In other cases we can say a pair of. Here are 10 plural nouns and examples of how we use them.

10 plural nouns

  • scissors
    some scissors
    a pair of scissors
  • trousers
    some trousers
    a pair of trousers
  • clothes
    some clothes
  • headphones
    some headphones
    a pair of headphones
  • refreshments
    some refreshments
  • sunglasses
    some sunglasses
    a pair of sunglasses
  • goods
    some goods
  • outskirts
    on the outskirts
  • headquarters
    at headquarters
    at our headquarters
  • surroundings
    in nice surroundings

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