List of irregular verbs: F – R

This is a list of over 180 common English irregular verbs, with their past simple and past participle forms.

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English irregular verbs F – R
Verb (infinitive) Past simple form Past participle
fall fell fallen
feed fed fed
feel felt felt
fight fought fought
find found found
fit fit, fitted fit, fitted
flee fled fled
fling flung flung
fly flew flown
forbid forbade forbidden
forget forgot forgotten
forgo /forego forwent, forewent forgone, foregone
forgive forgave forgiven
forsake forsook forsaken
foretell foretold foretold
freeze froze frozen
get got got (BrE) /gotten (AmE)
give gave given
go went gone
grind ground ground
grow grew grown
hang hung hung
hang hanged hanged
have had had
hear heard heard
hide hid hidden
hit hit hit
hold held held
hurt hurt hurt
keep kept kept
kneel knelt knelt
know knew known

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Verb (infinitive) Past simple form Past participle
lay laid laid
lead led led
lean leant /leaned leant /leaned
leap leapt /leaped leapt /leaped
learn learnt /learned learnt /learned
leave left left
lend lent lent
let let let
lie lay lain
light lit /lighted lit /lighted
lose lost lost
Verb (infinitive) Past simple form Past participle
make made made
mean meant meant
meet met met
misspell misspelt /misspelled misspelt /misspelled
mistake mistook mistaken
mow mowed mowed/mown
overcome overcame overcome
overdo overdid overdone
overtake overtook overtaken
overthrow overthrew overthrown
pay paid paid
plead pleaded/ pled pleaded/ pled
prove proved proved/proven
put put put
quit quit quit
read read read
rid rid rid
ride rode ridden
ring rang rung
rise rose risen
run ran run

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