Marketing vocabulary 2

Here is another short list of marketing terms and examples for people wanting to improve their Business English.

brand identity

how a company wants the consumer to see its product(s), and the promises a brand or product makes to its customers
The new brand identity for Wembley Stadium includes a new logo and a new slogan.
A product (or a group of products as a brand) can be seen as a luxury item, a good-value item, or perhaps as a cheap item.

brand image

how a company’s product is perceived (seen) by the consumer
The product’s new higher price is inconsistent with its brand image as a budget-priced item.

corporate identity

the colors, designs and words which a company uses to communicate its philosophy and make a statement about itself and products
We have changed our corporate identity in order to modernise our image. We want to attract new and younger customers.

banner ad

an advertisement seen on the internet, often in the form of a rectangle at the top of an internet page
They placed a banner ad at the top of each internet page.


the average number of copies of a newspaper or magazine distributed; (for billboards and posters outdoors) the number of people who will potentially see it
The magazine has a weekly circulation of 50,000 copies.

cost per inquiry (CPI)

the financial cost of getting one person to inquire (ask) about your product or service.
The advertisement cost us $1000. As a result, we had 500 calls from customers, so CPI was $2.
This term is used in direct-response advertising.

direct mail

marketing leaflets or letters sent directly to customers or potential customers via the postal service
We used direct mail to inform our customers about our new special offer. We sent it by direct mail.

the four Ps of marketing

the four basic factors of marketing: product, price, place and promotion


Macromarketing is how products and prices create demand and consequently have an influence on what is sold in a region.

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