Marketing vocabulary 1

If you’re learning Business English—or perhaps starting a new job in a business environment—we’ve put together some common marketing terms to get you started.

a brand

a type of product made by a particular company
What brand of soap do you usually buy?


to introduce a new product, with advertising and publicity
We plan to launch the new product next month.

a consumer

a person who buys goods or services
The rise in transport cost will mean higher prices for the consumer.

an end-user

a person who buys and uses a product, as opposed to someone who buys then sells the products
The new software makes the system easier for the end-user.

market research

the collecting and processing of information about customers; how they feel about a product and why they will or will not use a product or service
Market research shows that there is demand for another large supermarket in the area.

public relations

creating and maintaining a good image with your customers and the public
After the recent scandal, the company has started a new advertising campaign to help improve public relations.

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