Verb + object + to + infinitive

Sometimes verbs are followed by an object and then by another verb in the to + infinitive form.

The to + infinitive is sometimes called the full infinitive. Examples are: to go, to be, to have, to speak.

Verb + object + to + infinitive
After some verbs we use the structure someone + to + infinitive.

Verbs which can be followed by this form include advise, ask, allow, expect, encourage, force, help, invite, order, persuade, need, tell.
They helped their neighbour to fix his car.
She asked me to give her some advice.
He told his assistant to send the parcel.
She persuaded him to have lunch with her.
We need someone to help us.
The negative form is object + not + to + infinitive. She advised me not to sell my house.

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