Since (conjunction, preposition, adverb)

The word since can be a conjunction, a preposition, or an adverb.

Here are some examples:

‘Since’ as a preposition

  • I haven’t seen him since this morning.
  • Since joining the company, Mike has been promoted twice.

‘Since’ as a conjunction

Since is a conjunction when it joins two clauses:

  • Mike has been promoted twice since he joined the company.
    (clause 1 = ‘Mike has been promoted twice’; clause 2 = ‘he joined the company’)
  • We’ve made a lot of new friends since we came to live in Yorkshire.
  • Let’s discuss the problem now, since you’re here.

More examples of since (conjunction)

‘Since’ as an adverb

    • He left this morning and we haven’t seen him since.
    • He was sent to prison, but has since been released.


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