Me, too / Me, neither

Me, too / me, neither
We use me, too and me, neither when we want to say that we have the same opinion as, or are in the same situation as, another person.
Me, too

We say me, too when we are reacting to a grammatically positive statement:

Sam: I love tennis.
Mary: Me, too.

(= Sam loves tennis and Mary loves tennis.)

Sam: I’m hungry.
Mary: Me, too.

(= Sam is hungry and Mary is hungry.)
Me, neither

We say me, neither when we are reacting to a grammatically negative statement:

Sam: I don’t like football.
Mary: Me, neither.

(= Sam doesn’t like football and Mary doesn’t like football.)

Sam: I’m not tired.
Mary: Me, neither.

(= Sam isn’t tired and Mary isn’t tired.)

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