Instead, instead of (examples, how to use)

Instead of
Instead of is a preposition and means 'in place of’ or 'as an alternative'.

Don't confuse instead of with instead (without of), which is used differently.
We can use instead of in the following ways:

instead of + noun
I'll have tea instead of coffee.
instead coffee

instead of + a name
I'll go instead of Jack.
instead Jack

instead of + pronoun you, us, etc.
I'll go instead of him.
instead him

instead of + verb + -ing.
He went alone instead of waiting for me.
instead waiting
Don't forget that a verb coming directly after instead of of must be in the -ing form:

I want to keep fit so I walk everywhere instead of driving.
instead of drive
instead of to drive
Instead is an adverb and means ‘as an alternative’.

We can use instead at the beginning or the end of a clause, although in spoken English it is more common at the end.

Holidays in Italy are too expensive so we're going to Greece instead.
Holidays in Italy are too expensive. Instead, we're going to Greece.
I'm too tired to play football today. I'm going to stay at home instead.

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  1. Fabian - October 1, 2017, 10:43 am Reply

    What about ‘instead for’? Does it exist at all?

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