Even (examples, how to use)

Even expresses that something is surprising or extreme, or that it is more or greater than expected.

Robert works all the time. He even works before breakfast.
Simon is always late. He was even late for his own wedding.
Not even expresses surprise that something is extreme and is less than expected.

He was so mean with his money. He didn't even give his children birthday presents.
My brother hates all types of fruit. He doesn't even like oranges.
Position of even in a sentence

We often use even together with a verb in the middle of a sentence.

He can even speak Russian.
We didn't even know where we were.

We can also use even before individual words or groups of words to express emphasis. 

Everyone came to the party – even Tim and Sara.
I don’t eat any meat, not even chicken.

See also: Even though, although

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