Been, gone: difference

Been is the past participle of the verb be:

The verb "be"
I am
you are
he is, etc.
I was
you were
he was, etc.
I have been
you have been
he has been, etc.

Been can also mean come or gone:

Been (meaning come or gone)
We sometimes use been as the past participle of come and go.
present simple past simple present perfect
I go to the cinema a lot. I went to the cinema yesterday. I haven't been to the cinema for years.
I haven't gone
Do you often go to London? Did you go to London last weekend? Have you ever been to London?
have you ever gone
She comes here a lot. She came here yesterday. She's been here twice today.
She's come here twice today.

Been or gone?

Been, gone: difference
gone = ‘She went there and she is still there.’

Liz has gone to the bank.
(She's at the bank now.)
been = She went there but now she's back.

Liz has been to the bank.
(She's back at home now.)

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