Structures of reported questions

Structure of reported questions
direct speech Is it better to wait?
reported question She asked if it was better to wait.
direct speech Have you been to Spain?
reported question He asked if I’d (I had) been to Spain.

Reported questions - common mistakes
Common mistakes Correct version Why?
She asked me why did I work so much. She asked me why I worked so much. The word order in reported questions is: subject + verb.
She asked me it was raining. She asked me if it was raining. Yes-no questions (closed questions) begin with if when they become reported questions.
She asked me if I have been to Bristol?
She asked me what I do for a living.
She asked me if I had been to Bristol.
She asked me what I did for a living.
If the reporting verb (in this case ask) is in the past tense, we usually change the tense of the verb which follows:
I amI was
I canI could
have beenhad been
washad been

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