Prepositions of direction

Prepositions of direction show us to where or in which direction something moves.

Here are some of the most common:

We went to London last week.

He sent a message to his mother.
He lives in Canada but he’s from New York.
We cycled from Paris to Brussels in five days.
The hikers walked up the hill.
The ball rolled down the hill.
in, into
He put the money in / into his pocket.
The man fell in / into the river.
 out of
out, out of
She took her purse out / out of her bag.
She got out / out of the car and walked to the house.

The thief climbed over the fence.
The cat jumped over the wall.
The plane flew over London.
The cat crawled under the fence.
The secret tunnel ran under the Berlin Wall.
round, around
The walked round / around the other side of the church.
They drove through the tunnel.
Water runs through
pipes to your house.

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  1. Cal - September 25, 2018, 8:42 pm Reply

    Directions with prepositions should count as a prepositions.
    Here is an analogy:

    out > out of
    north > north of

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