Nouns spelled -os and -oes in the plural

Here is a list of nouns ending in -o which are spelled -oes in the plural:
List of nouns spelled -oes in the plural
Singular Plural
one potato two potatoes
one tomato two tomatoes
one hero two heroes
one negro* two negroes
an echo two, several echoes

* Be careful – the word negro is now outdated and is offensive to many people.

Singular -o, plural -os

Many nouns ending in -o simply have an -os ending in the plural. Some can also be spelled -oes:

Singular Plural
one kilo two kilos
two kiloes
one solo two solos
two soloes
one logo two logos
two logoes
one piano two pianos
two pianoes
one photo two photos
two photoes
one soprano two sopranos
two sopranoes
one buffalo two buffalos, two buffaloes
one mosquito two mosquitos, two mosquitoes
one volcano two volcanos, two volcanoes
one tornado two tornados, two tornadoes

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