Spelling: -ly endings of adverbs

Forming an adverb from an adjective is not usually a problem – we simply add ‘ly’:
slow becomes slowly, quick becomes quickly, etc.

Adjectives ending in –e, –le and –l, however, can cause problems.

Here are some simple rules:

Forming adverbs from adjectives ending in -e, -l and -le
When an adjective ends in -e, we simply add ly to form the adverb:

polite » politely,
definite » definitely,
absolute » absolutely,
complete » completely.
Be careful when an adjective ends in -le. We remove the e and add y to form the adverb:

probable » probably,
possible » possibly,
terrible » terribly,
reasonable » reasonably.
Don't be confused by adjectives that end in -l. Simply add ly and the adverb will then end in -lly:

hopeful » hopefully,
beautiful » beautifully,
helpful » helpfully,
careful » carefully.

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  1. Breanna Hunt - March 2, 2017, 8:05 pm Reply

    You need to give -ly adverbs about cows . If you do thank you .

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