Unless (conjunction)

Unless is a subordinating conjunction. Here is how we use it correctly.

Unless expresses a condition.

We use unless to say that a particular action or situation will occur only if another specified action happens earlier.
You won't get the job unless you prepare for the interview.
(= You will get the job only if you prepare for the interview.)

Don't do it unless he tells you to.
(= Do it only if he tells you to do it.)
We don’t use will after unless. I won’t go to the party unless she invites me.
I won’t go unless she will invite me.

Examples with unless

  • I’m not going to the party unless you come too. I don’t want to go alone.
  • We won’t get a table at the restaurant unless we get there early.
  • Unless I’m mistaken, John’s house is the second on the left.
  • We can go in the car – unless you’d prefer to walk.

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