List of possessive adjectives and pronouns

A possessive adjective tells us that someone owns (or possesses) something.

My, your, his and her are all possessive adjectives.

We use a possessive adjective before a noun:

  • This is my brother.
  • Where is your sister
  • How much did his car cost?

A possessive pronoun also tells us who owns a thing. However, a possessive pronoun is NOT followed by a noun:

  • Whose book is this? Is it yours
    yours book
  • The blue car is my brother’s; the red car is mine.
    is my
  • I bought the house – it’s mine.
    mine house
Possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns
my, mine It's my dog.
This dog is mine.
my = possessive adjective
mine = possessive pronoun
your, yours It’s your book.
It’s yours.
your = possessive adjective
yours = possessive pronoun
his, his It's his bicycle.
It’s his.
his = possessive adjective
his = possessive pronoun
her, hers It's her guitar.
It’s hers.
her = possessive adjective
hers = possessive pronoun
its, — The bear is feeding its cubs.
its = possessive adjective
no pronoun equivalent
our, ours This is our car.
This car is ours.
our = possessive adjective
ours = possessive pronoun
your, yours Your baby is beautiful.
Which house is yours?
your = possessive adjective
yours = possessive pronoun
their, theirs We're going in their car.
Is this car theirs?
their = possessive adjective
theirs = possessive pronoun

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