Idioms as quick as a flash: five English idioms with “quick”

Quick idioms

Many users on Speakspeak have contacted me and asked for more examples and explanations of idioms. So here goes – let’s look at some idioms containing the word quick.

1. as quick as a flash, as quick as lightning

Someone who is as quick as a flash (or as quick as lightning) is simply very fast.
As soon as a seat on the bus became free, he sat down in it – as quick as a flash.

2. quick off the mark

If you’re quick off the mark you react fast to an opportunity; you take your chance quickly.
When David Beckham went up for sale, many clubs were quick off the mark to show their interest in signing him.

3. quick on the uptake

If a person is quick on the uptake he or she is clever and understands something quickly and without needing a long explanation.
The student began the course a month late but she was quick on the uptake and soon caught up with the other students in the class.

English idioms containing quick

4. quick on the trigger (or quick on the draw)

This means you answer a question quickly or solve a problem quickly.
Politicians need to be quick on the draw when answering journalists’ questions.

5. a quick fix

If we make a quick fix we find a quick and easy solution to a problem. The solution, however, is usually only temporary and will not solve the problem long-term.
Experts say that there is no quick fix for the problems with Apple Maps.

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