8 uncountable nouns and common mistakes learners make when using them

Here’s a list of eight common uncountable nouns and some common mistakes learners make when using them.

8 common uncountable nouns

1. advice
2. news
3. luggage
4. hair
5. equipment
6. traffic
7. help
8. knowledge


Common mistakes with uncountable nouns

  • some advices, an advice.

    I’ll give you some advice.

  • a news

    I have news for you.

  • two luggages
    some luggages

    I’ve got two pieces of luggage.
    I’ve got some luggage.

  • my hairs are

    My hair is long.

  • the equipments are

    All the equipment in the factory is new.

  • a lot of traffics

    I was late for work because there was a lot of traffic.

  • a help, some helps

    Would you like some help?

  • knowledges

    Chris has a thirst for knowledge.

Stuart is an English teacher and runs the Speakspeak website. He currently lives in Prague and has been teaching for over 20 years. Follow Stuart and contact him by subscribing to his monthly newsletter.