Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: wish … would, wouldn’t

English vocabulary practice exercise, upper-intermediate.

In this exercise you will practise using wish . . . would and wish . . . wouldn’t.

Wish . . . would, wish . . . wouldn’t
We can use wish . . . would to express our annoyance that something will not happen.

I wish the weather would improve – it’s so cold and wet.
(= 'It doesn’t look as if the weather will improve.')

You’re so slow; I wish you would hurry up.
(= 'Please hurry up!')
We use wish . . . wouldn't to give an order or make a request in a critical way.

I wish you wouldn’t make so much noise – I’m trying to watch this film.

I wish you wouldn’t wear that hat – it really doesn’t suit you.

Exercise instructions

Choose the correct answer in each of the following.

questions go herescoregoes here

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  1. Byron Borain - May 29, 2018, 7:05 am Reply

    This exercise is far too easy and should rather feature a mix of the I wish sentences as opposed to only questions for this specific structure.

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