Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: third conditional

English grammar practice exercise, upper-intermediate / advanced level.

In this exercise you will practise the third conditional in English.

Exercise instructions

Use the words in brackets to complete the following third conditional sentences.

questions go herescore goes here

Structure of third conditional
positive negative question
If I'd (I had) known you were coming, I would have waited for you. If she hadn't (had not) been ill, she would have gone to the cinema. Would you have told me if you'd (you had) known about it?
The third conditional – common mistakes
Common mistakes Correct version Why?
if I would have asked If I had asked him, he would have helped me. In the if-clause we use the past perfect (had + past participle). We don't use would or would have in the if-clause.
she would tell you If you had spoken to my mother, she would have told you where I was. The structure of the main clause is would + have + past participle.


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