Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: phrasal verbs with “up”

English grammar practice exercise, upper-intermediate level. 

This exercise gives you practice using six phrasal verbs which have the particle “up”.


Six phrasal verbs with “up”
own up to admit responsibility for something bad or wrong
blow up to explode, to destroy something with an explosion
cheer up to improve your mood, become more cheerful
show up to come, to arrive
clear up to tidy a mess; to solve a mystery
split up when a relationship ends’ when a band agrees to stop playing together

Exercise instructions

Complete each of the following sentences using one of the phrasal verbs from the box.

If the sentence has a word in brackets, use that word with the phrasal verb.

You may also need to put the phrasal verb into the correct form (past simple, third-person, etc).

own up | blow up | cheer up | show up | clear up | split up

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own up | blow up | cheer up | show up | clear up | split up

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