Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: first, second and third conditionals

English grammar practice exercise, upper-intermediate / advanced level.

In this exercise you will practise the first, second and third conditionals.

Exercise instructions

Decide which conditional is best for the following sentences and put the words in brackets into the correct form.

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Structure of the first conditional
positive negative question
If you hurry, you'll catch the bus.

If you walk slowly, you won't catch the bus.

If you don't hurry, you'll miss the bus.

What will you do if the train is full tomorrow?
you'll = you will won't = will not
don't = do not
what you will
Structure of second conditional
positive negative question
If I had more time, I'd travel more.

I'd = I would
I wouldn't refuse if you offered me $10,000.

I would be surprised if he didn't come.

wouldn't = would not
didn't = did not
What would you say if you met the President?
Structure of third conditional
positive negative question
If I'd (I had) known you were coming, I would have waited for you. If she hadn't (had not) been ill, she would have gone to the cinema. Would you have told me if you'd (you had) known about it?

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