Intermediate grammar exercise: wish

English vocabulary practice exercise, intermediate.

In this exercise you will practise using wish to express hypothesis in the present.

Expressing hypothesis with wish
We use wish to express a hypothetical situation. When we say I wish, we are saying that we want something which is impossible or which is highly unlikely to happen.
For hypothesis about the present and future we use I wish + past simple.

I wish I was/were twenty years younger.
I wish I had more time; I’m always so busy.
Don’t you wish you could speak a foreign language fluently?
For hypothesis about the past, we use I wish + past perfect.

I wish I hadn’t said that.
(= 'I regret that I said it.')
I wish I’d (I had) studied harder at school.
(= 'I regret that I didn’t study harder at school.')

Exercise instructions

Choose the correct answer for each of the following.

questions go herescoregoes here

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