Intermediate exercises (2)


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These exercises are for lower-intermediate and intermediate students of English (A2 to B1 level).

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Modal verbs

Exercise name Type
Positive and negative forms of modals gap-fill
Modal verbs: should vs. should have gap-fill
Modal verbs / present probability: must, can’t, may, could, might gap-fill
Modal verbs / past probability: must have, can’t have, might have, couldn’t have gap-fill


Exercise name Type
First conditional gap-fill
First conditional vs. second conditional (1) gap-fill, printable 🖨
First conditional vs. second conditional (2) multiple-choice
First conditional vs. second conditional (3) gap-fill
Third conditional gap-fill

Verb structures

Exercise name Type
Verb + object + to infinitive gap-fill
Verb + infinitive or -ing gap-fill


Exercise name Type
Listening exercise: Rare elephant born multiple-choice

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