Elementary grammar exercise: word order (1)

English grammar practice exercise for beginner level.

In this exercise you will practise word order in present tense sentences.

Basic word order (subject, verb, object)
Subject Verb Object
I like apples.
She speaks English very well.
He doesn’t speak English well.
They ate fish yesterday.
We are having lunch now.
Word order: place and time
subject + verb place time / when
I cycle to school every day.
We left home at 8 o’clock.
He arrived at our house an hour ago.
She has lived in the town since 1975.
Place usually comes before time:

I went to London last year.
I went last year to London.

Exercise instructions

Put the words in brackets in the correct order.


He (to school / every day / goes)
answer: He goes to school every day.

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