Business vocabulary exercise: financial verbs (borrow, lend, owe, invoice, afford) ex. 1

Business English vocabulary exercise, intermediate level.

This exercise gives you practice using five ‘financial’ verbs:

borrow | lend | owe | invoice | afford

Exercise instructions

1. Study the vocabulary, including ‘how to use’ and the example sentences.
2. Do the exercise below and check your answers.



verb to have enough money to be able to buy something
how to use often used with the verb ‘can’:
can afford something; can’t afford something;
can / can’t afford to do something
examples 1. I can’t afford to buy the car – it costs $10,000 and I only have $8000.
2. We can’t afford new office furniture.



verb to take something from someone while agreeing to return it at a later time or date
how to use borrow something; borrow something from somebody
examples 1. We borrowed money from the bank.
2. Can I borrow $10, John? I’ll pay you back next week.



verb to give something to someone with the agreement that he/she will return it after a certain time
how to use lend something to someone; lend someone something
irregular verb: lend, lent, lent
examples 1. We lent £1000 to John and £2000 to Peter.
2. The bank lent me $12,000.



verb to send a bill to someone in the form of an invoice
how to use invoice for something; invoice someone (for something)
examples 1. We invoiced them $40 for the books.
2. We haven’t invoiced you for the goods yet.



verb to have to pay for something which has already been given or done
how to use owe something to someone; owe someone something
examples 1. They owe us more than €50,000.
2. He owes us an apology.

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