Business vocabulary exercise: sales & marketing (expansion, break even, target, deal, retailer)

Business English vocabulary exercise, intermediate / upper-intermediate level.

This exercise gives you practice using five sales- and marketing-related words:

expansion | break even | a target | a deal | a retailer

Exercise instructions

1. Study the vocabulary below, including ‘how to use’ and the example sentences.

2. Do the exercise below and check your answers with the ‘check’ button.



noun the process of becoming bigger and more successful in business;
increasing the number of your shops or sales areas
how to use uncountable or countable noun
expansion of a company/factory; expansions plans, plans for expansion
verb: to expand
examples 1. The company’s biggest expansion last year was in Russia.
2.The company has expanded by building a new factory in Poland.

break even

break ev.en

verb to make neither a loss nor a profit in business
how to use irregular verb: break, broke, broken
intransitive verb (the verb never has an object)
examples 1. We should break even before the end of this year.
2. In the first year the company made a loss. In the second year they broke even. In the third year they made a profit.

a target


noun a group of people (sorted by age, location, etc.) that you want to sell a product to
how to use have a target; set a target; reach a target
examples 1. The target of this advertising campaign is teenagers.
2. We set a target of $2m for January.
3. We didn’t reach our sales target last month.

a deal


noun a business agreement or arrangement between people or companies
how to use countable noun: have a deal, sign a deal, do/make a deal (with someone)
examples 1. We signed a deal with a telecommunications company worth $5m.
2. We have a distribution deal with Sony starting next year.
3. They signed a three-year deal.

a retailer

noun a shop which sells things directly to the public, not to other shops
how to use a retailer, retailers
opposite: a wholesaler
examples 1. The biggest retailer in the world is Wal-Mart.
2. I am an online mobile phone retailer.


Now try this exercise. Choose a word from the box for each gap in the text. Use each word once:

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