Business vocabulary exercise: practical words (check, out of order, fix, remove, work) ex.1

Business English vocabulary exercise, intermediate level.

This exercise gives you practice using five ‘practical’ verbs:

check | be out of order | fix | remove | work

Exercise instructions

  1. Study the vocabulary, including ‘how to use’ and the example sentences.
  2. Do the exercise below and check your answers.
  3. check


    verb to test or look at something to see if it is correct or in good condition
    how to use check something; check something for something, a mistake, an error
    examples 1. They check the machine every month.
    2. I checked the letter for mistakes.

    out of order

    out of or.der

    verb (be out of order) to not be in a good state of operation; to be broken (a machine)
    how to use something is out of order;opposite: be in working order
    examples 1. We couldn’t buy a ticket because the ticket machine was out of order.
    2. After the repairs, the machine was in perfect working order.



    verb 1. to take something broken and make it work again; to repair
    2. to fasten something in position
    how to use 1. fix something;
    2. fix something somewhere, to something, on something;
    fix something (on) with something
    examples 1. I fixed a shelf on the wall.
    2. We fixed it with screws.



    verb to take something out of something
    how to use remove something; remove something from something
    examples Before fitting the new carpet, they had to remove all the chairs from the room.



    verb of a machine, a component, a vehicle: to operate in the correct way and as expected
    how to use something works, doesn’t work;
    work well, correctly, badly
    examples 1.The coffee machine doesn’t work.
    2. Did your plan work?

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