Business vocabulary exercise: 5 verbs (extend, exclude, expect, expand, exaggerate)

Business English vocabulary exercise, intermediate level.

This exercise gives you practice using five verbs:

extend | exclude | expect | expand | exaggerate

Exercise instructions

1. Study the vocabulary, including ‘how to use’ and the example sentences.
2. Do the exercise below and check your answers.



verb to make something longer, make something last longer
how to use extend something, a meeting, a deadline, a visa, a contract
extend something by a month, a year, etc.
examples 1. They have extended their one-year guarantee to two years.
2. The immigration authority extended his visa by a month.
3. They have extended my contract.



verb to deliberately not include
how to use exclude something; exclude someone/something from something
exclude from
examples 1. Don’t worry; we haven’t excluded you from our plans.
2. The price excludes tax.
3. New employees were excluded from the meeting.



verb to think or believe that something will happen
how to use expect something; expect to do something;
expect somebody/something to do something; expect that
examples 1. I sent them my CV and now I’m expecting the answer.
2. We expected you to come earlier.
3. I expect to be here for a week.



verb (of a company) to become bigger and more successful
how to use intransitive verb (the verb has no object)
something, a business, a company, a market expands
noun: expansion
examples 1. Our company has expanded rapidly over the last three years.
2. The company plans to expand into China.


verb to say that something is much bigger, better or worse, than it really is
how to use intransitive verb (the verb has no object) exaggerate
transitive verb (the verb has an object) exaggerate something, the truth, a story
examples 1. Newspapers tend to exaggerate the events they describe.
2. I don’t believe you earn $8000 a month – you’re exaggerating!

Now try the exercise. Choose the best answer to fill the gap in each of the following:

questions go herescoregoes here

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