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Business Correspondence Language

  • 18 pages of the language you need to write professional business emails
  • get examples of great opening and closing email lines
  • learn how to use key words like “however”, “therefore” and “nevertheless” correctly in your emails

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English Irregular Verbs A-Z

This 27-page e-book with over 180 common English irregular verbs contains:

  • the past simple form of each verb
  • present and past participle forms of all verbs
  • third-person present simple form of all verbs
  • example sentences and common collocations for each verb
  • notes on British and American usage.

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Presentation Language: words and phrases for a professional presentation in English

This e-book contains:

  • sentences and phrases for making a professional presentation in English
  • language to help you present clearly and politely.

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Some of our online English practice exercises now come with downloadable PDF handouts.

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