Confusing words: although, though

Even native speakers of English sometimes have problems with although and though, but the words are really not that difficult to use.

Is there a difference in meaning?

No, there isn’t. Although and though have the same meaning and are interchangeable in most cases.


Here are some examples which show us how we can use either word:

  • Although/though the sun was shining, it was very cold.
  • He disagreed with us, although/though he didn’t tell us.
  • The house is lovely, although/though the garden is a bit small.

When are although and though NOT interchangeable?

There are three cases when you can use though but NOT although:

1. At the end of a sentence (used in spoken English):

  • He disagreed with us. He didn’t tell us, though.
  • The house is lovely. The garden is a bit small, though.

2. With as  (meaning as if):

  • It sounds as though/as if you had a nice holiday.
  • He acted as though/as if nothing was wrong.

3. With even (to add emphasis):

  • Even though Arsenal played well, they lost the game.
  • I took my coat, even though it wasn’t cold.

! Remember that although is a little more formal than though. We often use although in written English and though in spoken English.

! Even though is a stronger form of although.

Got it? Now test yourself with this short exercise:

questions go herescoregoes here

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