About Speakspeak

Speakspeak is an English language resource. You’ll find this site useful if you are:

  • learning English – we have grammar explanations and interactive practice exercises; you can also practise using the language by commenting on our content and starting a discussion
  • an English teacher – discuss topics with other teachers; exchange ideas and lesson plans; use our Resources section for grammar references and explanations of language usage
  • a native English speaker or language enthusiast – perhaps you already speak English and just want to look up a grammar rule or get tips and inspiration for, say, writing your CV or a business letter.

We want to:

  • connect you to the resources you need to teach English, learn English or learn about English;
  • enable you to share your views on different aspects of English with other people;
  • help learners improve their English skills by communicating on our discussion boards and comments pages.

Here’s how you can contact us or stay in touch:

Speakspeak is run by Stuart Cook, an English teacher in Prague with twenty years’ teaching experience, and Paul Ford, a marketing project director and English language enthusiast from London.