What are the most common words with the suffix -hood?

In this post we’ll look at common words which contain the suffix –hood.

A suffix is something we add to the end of an existing word to form a new word.

In some cases, a word ending in –hood suggests a family role (motherhood, fatherhood). Other times it refers to a period of our life (childhood).

There are also some –hood words that refer to neither family nor a period of our life; neighbourhood and knighthood are two such examples.

Here are some of the most common –hood words in English:

Family-related and periods in life

  • parenthood
  • fatherhood
  • motherhood
  • adulthood
  • childhood (also boyhood and girlhood)
  • manhood, womanhood


  • neighbourhood (the area where we live)
  • likelihood (synonym for probability)
  • knighthood (the state of being a knight)
  • livelihood (the way we earn money to live)
suffix -hood childhood-2

Kids enjoying their childhood

We asked members of our Google+ Learn English community to tell us some of the –hood words they know. Here’s the post (click on the speech bubble icon to see the comments):

Do you know all the words in the list? Feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like to discuss any other –hood words.

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  1. Chris Ngomani - September 29, 2015, 6:08 am Reply

    Here are other “hood” words ….Priesthood, Spinsterhood, bachelorhood, and jailhood,

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