Using “it” with phrasal verbs

Many verbs are made up of two parts: a verb and an adverb. These verbs are called phrasal verbs. Examples of phrasal verbs include throw away, put in, give up and wake up. One tricky thing when using phrasal verbs … [Read More...]

Prepositions with make: “made of”, “made from”

To talk about types of material or to say what something consists of, we often use is made, which is the passive form of make. There are a few different prepositions commonly used after is made, each expressing … [Read More...]

The singular of “dice” is “die”. Who says so?

Dice are small (often wooden or plastic) cubes. Each of the six sides has a different number of dots. Dice are used in board games of chance. The singular form of dice is die, or at least that's the traditional view. … [Read More...]