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New exercises

Much, many exercise: uncountable vs. countable nouns

Much, many exercise: uncountable vs. countable nouns

This exercise tests your ability to recognise nouns as either countable or uncountable by using much or many with them. All the nouns are common in Business English. Exercise instructions Co... »

Upper-intermediate vocabulary exercise: binomials

Upper-intermediate vocabulary exercise: binomials

English vocabulary practice exercise for upper-intermediate level. In this exercise you will practise binomial pairs. A binomial pair is an expression containing two words joined by a conjun... »

English Irregular Verbs A-Z e-book

This 27-page e-book has over 180 common English irregular verbs with example sentences and notes on usage:

Learn more about this e-book and download it here >>

Recent posts

How to use: adjectives for probability

How to use: adjectives for probability

To speak about probability we can use adjectives such as probable, likely, possible and certain. It’s a short list, and one that learners can quite easily memorise and use. The opposites are eas... »

Prohibit and forbid: what’s the difference?

Prohibit and forbid: what’s the difference?

Prohibit and forbid: the same meaning, but . . . Prohibit and forbid have the same meaning, but we use them differently. Examples Children are forbidden to chew gum at school. The dissident was forbid... »

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